Hospital Staff
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Dr. Kathleen Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy is what many people in this area term a "transplant". Born a Yankee in New York, she was raised in New York, Ohio, and Michigan. She has always known she would be a veterinarian some day, she just didn't forsee it would be in Orange, Texas. After graduating high school, she attended Michigan State University for two years before transferring to Oklahoma State University in 1978 when her family moved to the state.

She obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree and completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree in 1984. Her first position was in a small animal practice in Odessa, Texas where she was on staff until 1991. That year she elected to move closer to some of her family members that resided in Lumberton, Texas, and took a position with Dr. Max Pachar as his associate. Dr. Kennedy purchased the practice from him in 1998 when he retired.

Her mother, Mary, works part-time as a receptionist at the hospital. Many of you who think Dr. Kennedy looks familiar when you first meet her may know her sister, Karen, who works at Gulf Credit Union.

Even though she has lived in Texas and Oklahoma for over 30 years, people still ask her where she is from because of her northern accent - so now you know.
"Momma" Mary

Mary works as a receptionist on Thursday and Saturday mornings. As most of you know, she is Dr. Kennedy's mom and has probably heard more about Dr. Kennedy's cases over the dinner table than she cares to admit. Needless to say, if she can't help you with a problem, she will be able to get someone who can.

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