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Dr. Pachar served overseas as a bombardier during World War II until he was released from active duty in 1945. He was admitted to Texas A&M's Veterinary School under the G.I. Bill that year and graduated in 1949. He then returned to Orange and established Pachar Veterinary Hospital on a piece of property on West Park Ave. owned by his family.

The hospital has been at the same physical address since it was first established. The building it is currently housed in is the original building constructed by Dr. Pachar and his father-in-law in 1949.  Over time the hospital has been enlarged and remodeled to better serve our clients' needs.

Originally the hospital was a mixed practice seeing large animal patients, such as dairy cows, and small animals, like cats and dogs. Over the years, as the number of dairy herds diminished, the hospital gradually became a small animal hospital treating dogs and cats exclusively.

Dr. Pachar had several associates over the years and in 1991 hired Dr. Kathleen Kennedy. She worked as his associate and purchased the practice from him in 1998 when he retired.

Since the hospital was founded in 1949, veterinary medicine has changed considerably. Veterinarians like Dr. Pachar used to make their own vaccines for distemper and had few effective treatments or preventative medications available to them. Now, one of the main priorities of veterinary medicine is to prevent diseases through the use of new, better vaccines and preventative medications. Test results, if available, used to take several days to weeks to receive. Now most tests can be run at the hospital and those that are sent to the referral labs have accurate results available in 2-3 days.

Pachar Veterinary Hospital has basically been operating since 1949 at the same location and with the same goal: to treat your pet like it was our own. We have grown and changed much over the years, just as the city of Orange has, to try to best serve the needs of our patients. We hope to be able to continue to serve them for many years to come.
70 Years and Counting

Pachar Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1949 by Dr. Max Pachar. Dr. Pachar was raised in the Orange area on his family's dairy farm and had hopes of becoming a veterinarian since he was in high school. After two years of college at Lamar Junior College in Beaumont, he worked in the local shipyards until joining the Army Air Corps in 1943.

Dr. Pachar with Archie Potts, a retired employee with over 30 years service
First Lieutenant Max Pachar after his return from Italy and WWII in 1945
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