Hi everyone. Decided to add this page to my website this morning
to let you know what has been going on and will try to update it daily. Am going to back date it like a diary to let you know what has been happening down here, my observations and latest clinic info.

Monday - Aug 28th - had decided to close for the day due to the bad weather. Weather service was predicting I think 6-12 inches of rain for the Orange area at that time.
Hurricane Harvey
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Closed the office on Monday due to the weather and at that point no flooding in Orange or evacuations. Tuesday closed again. At that point I think they were predicting about 15-20 inches for Orange area. Tuesday night everything changed. The wind and rain ended up being on the north and west side of the storm and the Beaumont, Orange,Port Arthur areas got clobbered with wide and rain.

The road in front of my house Wed am had about a foot of water on it and it's 13 feet above sea level and west of 62 and north of I-10, I did not get any water in my house but the homes across the street about 6 to 12 inches in them. I got a phone call from my staff members that live near the clinic in Pinehurst that the clinic had about 4 feet of water in it. I have not been ablet to get down there yet. (Now Thursday night) and the water is not expected to go down there for a few day. Today they were taking boats into that area. I did not have any water anywhere near my house with Ike so gives you an idea how much rain we had. I think they said Port Arthur about 49 inches.

Radio and television stations have been broadcasting continuous information as there are a lot of rumors going around. They are advising not to listen to rumors but make sure you get your information from a official source.  Case in point - today heard all
of Orange county was evacuating but actually only low laying areas as they are
concerned about water coming down the river from letting dams open. They have beenreleasing water since this all started and are stating as of tonight no broken dams affecting Sabine river. Beaumont and Vidor are supposed to flood more tonight and tommorrow, I think something about a big release or dam problem on Neches river

Mom's house on Thousand Oaks started to take in water and she was evacuated to
Lake Charles then Alexandria and I have to try to get up on the freeway tomorrow
(Friday) to get her. They are talking there about sending evacuated people to Dallas.

I-10 bridge (I think they call if Purple Heart) in Beaumont is closed to traffice due to
structural damage so you can't go into Beaumont via Orange or Vidor. All roads into Beaumont were basically under water and they say very difficult to get in or out.
I-10 to Houston still closed. I-10 to LA open east bound and they contraflowing a
West bound lane but last I knew were asking where you were going and some said
checking ID to see if you lived here.

Beaumont does not have water and not sure when they will have it.They evacuated the hospitals over there. Still have been doing high water rescues today and that's theirmain focus right now. Lots of helicopters and planes flying over head today bringingin aid and getting people out.

I got my power back this evening and have a good water well. I think there may be a
problem with the septic system so am will try to get someone out here tomorrow.

Since I have water and hopefully septic plan I doing what we did for Rita and open the clinic up here at the house for now. As soon as I can get into the clinic we will try to
salvage what we can and bring it up to the house. Am calling tomorrow to try to get new supplies brought it as soon as they can be delivered to my house.

Will try to post a blog to this website but may need to tech support as it doesn't seem to work right tonight. Hope everyone is staying safe and I will let you all know as
soon as we get something set up at the house.

Friday, September 1st - still unable to get to the clinic as too much water over the
road but it is going down. I went to Alexandria, LA to get Mom at the Mega shelter
and was quite an experience. They have thousands of people over there and are now having to send them to Mesquite to have any beds and supplies. The shelter in
Alexandria is being run by State of LA and was impressive. Will have Mom put some info on this page about her experience with evacuating so you will know what it was like for the thousands like her.

One thing I noticed when we went to get her pets was that for all the people there it did not seem to have a amount animals at the shelter that I would have expected. When I got the cats were less than 50 in that room, not sure how many dogs but I did not hear a lot of barking in there so am concerned there are a lot of animals out there needing help. Will be trying to get a hold of someone at county level today to see if they are starting to thing about that problem yet because we need to start to plan for that after the rescue phase is over. Have contacted some people available through sources available to vets and have someone coming down from Colorado with supplies for me that's associated with the small animal disaster team from A & M - not sure what they are bringing as they kept calling when I was in LA so will know more about that later today.

I have water, power and from what they tell me my septic is alright as long as it is emptying which it is.  Park street and Pinehurst area still flooded a lot. They are
not letting you come in on I-10 from LA unless you are going to Orange as you can't get into Beaumont due to the bridge being unsafe. Not sure if you can get into Vidor.
Went into town today. 62 South there is a lot of water before you hit the overpass over Tulane road so could not got through there unless you have a truck which I do.
105 east to 73 was clear. Mlk to interstate from Strickland was clear. Strickland from
105 was clear. Will be trying to go to Mom's up 16th to International Apartment and Meeks drive area today.

Have a friend who went up to Mauriceville I think on 87 and said you definitely need a high truck to get through areas of water. Linda Carlton my friend who lives off Hwy 12
between 62 and 87 says  there is still a lot of water there and need a high truck to even think about driving in that area.

Wal-Mart is supposed to open soon. They evidently have the National Guard there as some a lot of vehicles and guardsman there when I went past it this afternoon. Still a lot of areas here without power but they are restoring it rapidly and have brought in some type of high water bucket trucks to try to get into flooded areas.

From what I hear county and city are still on search and rescue phases and are  doing high water rescues all over the area. When you drive around can see vehicles down in water.Saw a lot of supply trucks coming into the area when going east to on I-10 to Alexandria today so things should start getting better.

Please remember that info I am giving you is from what I hearing from people all over the area and what I have seen and not offical informations from the county or city.
I would make sure to check Entergy's web site to see if you have power and Drivetexas.org to see if a road is passable. If it is open does not mean you might get through there. Some of the road are marked open on that website but you wil not get through them without a truck. If you have the phone number of a neighbor you might want to call them before you come back to see if you can get in.

Have been trying to check my e-mail at least once a day so if you want you can e-mail me at drkak@exp.net but remember might take me quite a while to get back to you.
Plan on contacting ATT today to see if I can have phone calls to clinic forwarded to me home phone and Mom will hopefully be here to answer phone at some point. The recorder at the house is working so will try to call if you leave a message. The best way for now to get info from me is going to this website so bear with me on that
It is 4 in the morning on Sat right now. Couldn't sleep so decided I might as well do this. Will try to put more info page later today as I here about things going on in the city and county.

Sunday - September 3 - Had taken Mom to Karens but yesterday had to go back and get them out of there due to rising water from the dam releases. Her house will not flood but the 2 roads going to her house will be to high of water to get in with her car so Mom, Karen, the 3 dogs and 5 cats are here with Me, my 5 dogs, 6 cats and 2 client's animals
One I was already boarding and one that a client brought up while I was cleaning that
needed attention.

Wal-mart is open 8-5 but has some restictions on quantities on some things that you can buy. Flying J is already out of gas. They closed the Interstate going into and out
Texas due to rising water on the Sabine  river bridge. I think it is supposed to crest today and very slowly recede. The bridge into Beaumont (Purple Heart) is still closed so can't get into Orange or out west of Vidor on I-10 now.

Supplies were being given out at the Marketbasket but am not sure if they still are doing it there. Water was rising at the overpass on 16th Street when I was there at 4 pm which is about the same time the bridge was closed on I-10.

Did find out from a friend that the Cowboy church is giving out free hay for horses and cattle and a pelleted feed for horses. They have a limited supply but are getting more in and limit the amount you can get per animal. They are also giving out cat and dog food and I think kitty litter but don't have as much small animal supplies so if you would like to do something to help the dogs in cats in this area you might think about dropping off a pet food donation to them.

To the best of my knowledge, pets being rescued are somehow going to Ford Park.
Lots of rumors about what's doing on there on facebook and have no first hand knowledge if any of it is true. Have heard everything from them already letting found animals being adopted out of Ford Park to them euthanizing every pit bull that comes in so am sure like everything else you hear a lot of it is not true.

Went back to clinic today and got more usable things out of it. It appears that the autoclave, blood analyzers, 1/2 the computers including the ones with the client records
credit card machine. anes machines, all surgical supplies, almost all the presciption drugs and the hand written patient records are alright. Lost a few  refrierators, the scales and possibly the x-ray machine but will have that checked out to be sure it can't be repaired.

The building itself is a mess, Dirt and water everywhere. Water in most of the clinic got 2.5 to 3 three deep. Have a contractor coming in tomorrow to view damage and start getting a bid on repairs. Also had confirmed that Foskey's and Bridge City clinic flooded.
From driving by it am not sure they can drive into Foskey's yet. Again, recommend you contact official sources for accurate information as a lot of rumors going around town.

Got to Mom's house yesterday and she was lucky. Only about 1-2 inches in her house and basically with be new flooring possibly  and new air conditioner. Will being going to her house with contractor also. Everyone stay save and I will try to continue to post something every day or so.

Tuesday - Sept. 5th - We have gotten about 75% of the salvagable material out of the clinic. Am going to get all the books and paper records out tomorrow that are still good.
Paper that has  gotten wet has gotten that lovely slime on them and just has to be thrown out. Got power back this morning and couldn't figure out why some of the lights and outlets did not work until I realized some were GFI plugs and needed to be reset.
Currently both air conditioners do not work but hope the large one just needs repairs as the compressor comes on but no cold air comes out. Have been told it may just be a contact problem.

I would appreciate it you wait until I let you know that the clinic is reopened before coming down to the old office. We are not open for business yet but several people have come down with sick dogs and wanting medication and it slowing us down as far as getting the clinic cleaned and ready to rebuid Please be patient and I will let you know as soon as I have re-opened an out patient clinic at my home. I called to order
drugs today but UPS is not delivering to 77630 yet so have to wait until they are to get in supplies.  The clinics in Vinton are open and they have vets in Beaumont at Ford
Park. I am not sure the status of any of the vets in the area though I have heard that Bridge City clinic has flood damage from several sources. Had also heard Dr. Dunn and
Dr. Foskey had damage but have not had that confirmed so you might want to give their
offices a call to see if they are open yet.

Went to Mom's house tonight and pulled out the rest of her carpet. Had to throw out some of the furniture like entertainment center and shelves which were made of particle board. One lesson learned from this is maybe to buy wood furniture only as a small amount of flooding like she had did not cause much damage to them. The two bedrooms had carpet over concrete so she will definitely need to get new flooring.
All in all we were very lucky as all three of our houses had minimal damage.

Recommend that even if you think the damage to our home is not covered make sure none of it is. My roof leaked and I didn't think any of the ceiling damage would be covered but when I called to make a claim was told the roof probably would not be covered but the damage to the ceilings might be due to the wind and rain amounts we had. It is my understanding that you have to file a claim with your insurance company and get a denial to get very far with a FEMA claim so you might want to do that first.

Mom is currently writing a short description of her expericence experience with getting evacuated by the Cajun Navy and ending up at the Mega shelter in Alexandria so hope to get that posted soon. She said everyone was very helpful but was an experience she doesn't ever want to repeat. 

Many of you have asked what you can do to help out and I may take you up on that when we start to demo the building to remodel. I will let you know if and when we need help. Thanks for offering and we will try to reopen as soon as possible.

Tuesday - Sept. 12th - Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Have been busy
demoing the clinic most days and working on setting up an out patient clinic at my
residence in the evening and helping Mom pull up baseboards and spray walls for
mold. Found out when we puletled up baseboards in one of the rooms in Mom's house that she probably has termites so have to meet an exterminator at her house tomorrow.

I spent most of the weekend tearing out sheetrock and trim at the clinic with the help of Fran Hammond, Bobby Granger, and Terry Gill. Special thanks to Bart and Kaye Groff. Bart helped me demo Saturday, Sunday and Monday and has experience as an
electrician which came in very handy. We now have about 80% of the walls taken down and hope to have it all finished by the end of the weekend. Also special thanks to Ruth Ryan who spent several mornings helping us throw out items that had gotten wet due to the flooding.

Found a few surprises during the tear down. The original wood siding of the original building was covered with paneling in the hallways and we are going to keep as much  intact as possible. Bart also found a sign in the furnace area that was attached to some studs that advertised peaches for sale and I plan to display that also. Found some other not so good surprises such as dead electrical outlets that were covered with sheet rock and wires that don't seem to lead anywhere. in some of the rooms plywood was placed over sheet rock so have to tear out two layers there. In many of the rooms that water level  seemed to be below where the insulation was wet so be sure to check higher than the water level on your walls. We are taking out the entire wall in most rooms to be sure we get all the moisture out.

Like most of you have to make arrangements to meet insurance adjustors. They seem to want to come at the most inconvenient times and of course if you can't make it you will have to wait weeks for a second appointment. Registered with FEMA on line to be able to get SBA loan which requires a lot of financial data which  is ruined as it went under water so have to hope my bookkeeper has copies of those records.

Hope to have the clinic opened at my house some time this week. I have been waiting for a shipment of drugs and heartworm preventative (esp. Trifexis) that should have arrived via FedEx last Friday. Did not come Friday and was told it would be delivered Saturday when I had distributor tract it. Did not come Saturday so was assured it would be on the truck for delivery Monday. Driver stopped by Monday to tell me that is was not on the truck but would probably be deliverd on Tuesday. Each time it was tracked FedEx said it was the truck for delivery that day so obviously can not trust their tracking system. I told the shipper I was not spending another day waiting for the shipment at the office and would not be going to Beaumont to pick it up so it will probably go back to them and I will have to try to get them to re-ship to my house.

Tomorrow I am going to try to hook that computer up to a new printer and check with the credit card company to be sure that the terminal is working properly. After that do not have much more to do to open up here at the house. Will probably be a few bugs to work out. Still have not been able to get ATT to forward phone calls properly from the business to my home. Have been using the automated system and obviously will have to try to get a hold of an actual person tomorrow.

Businesses all over town are re-opening. Wendy's on 62, Sonic on 62, McCoy's,
Tractor Supply, Carl's, S.E.T.M.A., to name a few. Went to the post office today which is closed and they have a sign telling you to go to Beaumont. I think that one in Bridge City is open so I would check there before heading over the Walden Road office that they want you to go to.

I will post on the home page of the website on the the News area at the bottom of the page as soon as we re-open here at the house and will leave maps on the door of the clinic that you can use to find the house. Every one hang in there as it could be months before things are back to normal.

Friday - Sept. 21st - Wanted to let everyone know the out-patient clinic at the house is
ready. We can not do surgeries, x-rays or dentals but can do almost everything else.
The shipment of drugs finally came in by UPS. Brinson Pachar brought the shipment we
were waiting on from FedEx, It finally showed up on the 19th. They just left it all at his house, not the clinic without even a signature, over $5,000 worth of drugs. I called the company and told them we would be returning it all and they should have chat with FedEx because without a signature they have no proof that we received the drugs and could have just kept them and not paid for them if we were dishonest.

Mom had to go back in to the hospital Sunday which is part of the reason I am late writing this. She had a lot of back pain  and CAT scan showed a fracture in a thoracic vertebrae (back bone). Not sure how she did it but they did a procedure to fuse it back together using bone cement. She says it still hurts but not as bad as it did. No one seems to know how she injured it, evidently is one of those things that can just happen when you get older.

All my FEMA stuff is messed up. When I check by status they have everything listed under Hurricane Rita for some reason so guess I will have to spend over an hour on the phone this weekend to try to straighten it out. My status on Rita says I can fill out an SBA loan as of 9/11/17 but when I tried it would not let me since Rita was so long ago.
Finally figured out a way to get it started and was shocked to see the application.They wat all the financial data in you personally and your business, everything from the puchase price on your house, info on mortage holder, balance, current value, all assets you and the business have, copies of your tax returns and business tax returns, and all debts currently owed including all the addresses, beginning balances, etc. How they
expect people who have lost everything to have that information is beyond me. I am lucky in that most of that info is here at the house and I  just have to dig it up. I'm not sure what you do if all that financial info was lost in the flood because they want to be able to verify it all. Hope to get that all together this weekend. Will have to see my book-keeper about the corporate returns as I do not have that here.

Will try to put a map to the house on the home page of the website. You can call the regular office number to get directions 883-3191 as calls are now forwarding. Hope to see you soon.