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Office Hours

Our office is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30 AM to 12 noon and 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM. Thursdays and Saturdays we have office hours 8:00 AM to noon. We operate on a walk-in basis in the morning until our schedule is full and then have appointments in the afternoon. As we start surgery at approximately 9:30 AM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, our time available for walk-ins those days is limited. We appreciate it greatly if our clients schedule afternoon appointments when possible so sick patients can be seen when we open the office at 8:00 AM. This allows us to see your sick pet quickly, as well as allowing us more time to run diagnostic testing.


We provide preventative health care, diagnostic testing in our in-clinic lab, and radiographic services as well as general surgery and routine dental treatments.  We send the more sensitive lab work to the state referral lab when necessary to accurately diagnose and treat our patients.  Likewise, for diagnostic procedures and treatments such as ultrasounds, endoscopic examinations, or orthopedic surgery, we refer our patients to local colleagues we feel are the best in the area at providing these services. For clients whose animals need highly specialized care, we refer our patients to board certified specialists in the greater Houston area. We feel that doing this provides our patients with the best care possible and ensures that we are treating your pet like we would treat our own.

We also provide bathing and boarding exclusively to our clients. Our boarding space is limited so please make reservations in advance. Boarding patients are required to be current on vaccines and must have a bath the day they are picked up. When you want to pick your pet up, please call the office beforehand to verify that they are ready to go home. During hurricane season, we do require the name and number of a person willing to pick up and transport your dog out of this area in case of an evacuation. Our staff leaves during madatory evacuations and we do not want to have any  animals left alone in the hospital. As we have all learned the hard way, buildings can be badly damaged during a hurricane and it can be several weeks before utilities are restored. We will not risk your pet's health by leaving it here in the hospital unattended.

Product Lines

We carry Activyl flea drops for cats, Activyl, Nexguard ,Heartgard, and Trifexis (the new combination heartworm preventative and flea control pill) . We only carry those products that we feel best meet the needs of our clients and that we would be confident using on our own pets.

Our primary product line for prescription diets is the Purina Prescription line which now offfers home deliverys and automatic
refills through their website, Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Payment Options

We accept cash, debit cards, and local checks in payment for services rendered. Discover, Visa, and Mastercard credit cards are also accepted. Payment for the services we provide is expected when your pet leaves the hospital.

Prescription Refills

We have several patients on medications that require prescription refills. When you need prescriptions refilled, please call the office at 883-3191 or fax us at 883-4339 (24 hours in advance). Prescriptions are filled after the needs of the patients in the office are met, so we can not guarantee they will be filled immediately after contacting us.

Clinic Policies

We require that every patient we see have a current rabies vaccination. If we can not verify that your pet has been vaccinated, a rabies vaccine will be given when your pet is examined.

We do not release or admit patients ouside of office hours unless it is an emergency and Dr. Kennedy admits or releases the patient herself.

We refer most after-hour emergencies to the emergency clinic in Beaumont. The Southeast Texas Animal Emergency Clinic is open weekends, evenings, and holidays. They can be contacted at 409-842-3239.
Pachar Veterinary Hospital 409-883-3191